Passing Haw Par Villa

Passing the haw par villa tales


Haw Par Villa is an old amusement park that was built in the early 1900’s and was also called ‘Tiger Balm Gardens’. It has over a thousand statues. The picture shows a lady and her maid walking into the entrance of the park. I imagine that they are casually passing on their way back home. Snapshots of everyday life made into art pieces interest me. This piece is now sold and the exhibition at Cultire Square is closed. Today I will also be taking down the exhibition at Gallery Miu in Takashimaya. Next year I am looking forward to exhibit in the Volvo Artloft with my friend and talented artist Ni Nyoman Sani, I am also very happy to be able to show my work at Galleri Bergman in my hometown Karlstad in Sweden.

This is what is decided so far but maybe there will be one more great surprise!


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