The characters in my art

In this picture she has a red dress and she is holding on to the map. He is leaning over the shoulder with his bicycle just a few steps behind. The tree of life is in the background replacing an advert for a luxury brand. I am interested in everyday life in the small choices that we make every day that sometimes can lead to a big change. What we signal with our body language is part of how IRead more

An interesting life

Originally posted on Art class in Singapore:
I have decided to do a series of artist’s that inspire me. The first one is the Canadian artist Barbara Ariss Stroh Wasser. I met her in Singapore a short while ago, and she told me again that she had always wanted an interesting life and that is what she got. She had a life so far that I think that most people would look upon as a great adventure, it would make…

The bicycle of freedom

  My art has a few symbols that tends to show up. One is the bicycle, that often is blue. To me it is a vehicle for freedom, and they play an important role in my tales. This is part of a photograph of me and a detail of a painting.Read more

An amazing adventure is coming my way

This August we will do an Art Road Trip in Australia! Life can not get much better. Plans are being finalized and more details will come. It will be an amazing experience, and it would not have happened without a great idea from Julia at Connector Jewels. The way that she thought about a tour instead of a single exhibit is truly amazing.Read more