A postcard from Asia to Venice

When I was growing up many of my friends dreamt about a trip to America. Since moving to Asia many dream about and travel to Europe. In Singapore today you also see so many influences from Europe like in the shopping center at Marina Bay where you can take a gondola ride Venetian style. This painting is in mixed media built on a photograph and imagination. It is 30_40 cm and it will travel with me for exhibitions this year. AdvertisementsRead more

The red plane

This is one of my older collages. It reminds of the journey. Currently I am painting every day to get ready for this year’s three exhibitions in three different continents. To be able to carry everything I do wish that I had a red plane. It is amazing though when you think about it, it is more like a dream. My signature red will still be with me.Read more

Chinatown blue wall

The story of the painting: Two ladies are on their way to work, wishing that the evening will be short. A couple are on their way to dinner. The blue wall refers to a sense of freedom and time off. Painting on photo in mixed media from Chinatown, Singapore.  Read more