Sketching Mr Happy

Today I have been sketching and painting Mr Pharell Williams so I have had a happy day. I have not attempted to work on celebrity faces since I was a teenager, but this one I just had to try. The finished painting will be shown at the Art road trip to Australia.       AdvertisementsRead more

The boy and the kites in Zhuhai, or the dream of a bright future

The sky is not quite blue, the landscape is somewhat damped like that it is a gray filter over it. Still, it is beautiful and filled with surprising contrasts like the windmill in the Chinese park. Suddenly we came to a place filled with the bright colors of the kites, and I saw a boy watching them. To me this is a memory of a place, but also a story about China today. The boy’s dream, the sky that is somewhatRead more

Tickets are booked

The tickets are booked for the art tour to Australia, it makes a dream feel so much more real. Wonderful and nervous at the same time. Today I have been working on paintings that I hope to bring on the tour, feeling grateful to have the opportunity to go. Lucky to have 40 kg of baggage allowance.Read more

Sketching and stretching

To me sketching is as important as stretching. It is a way of finding new compositions and new expressions. Like a brainstorm with a brush to create a new painting. These sketches have been done with Chinese ink and acrylic. Ink is one of my favorite mediums to use. I realise that I often come back to the same symbols in my art, these kind of Asian ladies has been with me since childhood. Today they look different, but IRead more

In a flow…

Some days when you are painting you can’t seem to get a brushstroke in place, or a color contrast to pop and others it is just in the fingers connect to a feeling that is hard to describe. I am hoping for more of these days as I wll have 3 exhibitions in 3 different continents this year. The first will be in Australia! I wish that I could show you what I have painted today. I wil show youRead more