Duell to Norway

SQ the duell

Yesterday I packed up my collage piece Duell. It is moving to Norway from Singapore. All the text in between the ladies is from a book about how to create a new career in midlife. I have never seen so many how to books as in Singapore, and there is great friendship, but working life she is often quite related to competition.


2 responses to Duell to Norway

  1. regi baird says:

    Might you be the artist who signed “I Johansson” on 3 oil/acrylic paintings my 86-yr.-old mother just purchased from an estate sale in Virginia? Two look like the Arizona/southwest and the other is a horseback rider riding down a path in a forest. I can’t seem to find any other “I Johansson” on the internet. Thanks (in advance!) for your reply…….Regina Baird

    • Hi, I can’t remember painting Arizona/southwest so I don’t think so. However, I have painted quite a few horses. But mostly when i was younger and I didn’t sign I Johansson so more IJ or Ingela.J. Wish that I could help you more.

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