The art from our childhood

In school, in books and at museums we saw the works of the great masters. I was quite aware of how much Van Gogh, Degas, Dali and a few others inspired me. I was much less aware of how inspired I have probably been by Carl Larsson. A great artist that I found quite boring as a child/teenager. My grandmother had prints of his work in every room, some of them are still in my fathers summerhouse and when I look at them I have a completely different sensation, and I can see that some of my color concepts and stories are linked to his. I am probably much closer to his work as an artist as to Van Gogh. My stories has an everyday scenery with globalization as a backdrop and Carl Larsson painted his everyday life.

Another picture that I truly loaded all through my childhood was what I at that age considered to be almost porn. Today I regard it as a silhouette of a beautiful woman. Our perception changes. There is also a lot of paintings by my mother’s art teacher, however sadly not by my mother.

Johan Bauer was another favorite because of how he painted horses.

A picture of Zetterqist is from my father’s mother and it has a lovely story about a fox in the forest regarding a barbreasted lady in a hat. It is executed in a realistic and slightly humoristic manner in pencil.

I am sure that I have many more examples, but it has been interesting to reflect upon and I am glad that we had art in my house. From originals to prints. Beautiful, colorful, wonderful and some quite outrageous.

Would be interesting to know the art from your childhood has influenced you?


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