I have pictured this story to be just three minutes before the performance, while the collage in the background tells the backstory of their lives.     AdvertisementsRead more

Art road trip summary

Originally posted on Art class in Singapore:
  Just back from Australia an the art road trip in Queensland with Julia Namour at Connector Jewels. The picture above shows her work at the collage workshop in Goombungee. We travelled through Mount Tamborine, Forest Hill, Towoomba, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Goombungee, Brisande and the Sunshine Coast. I learnt that tea at the hotel actually is dinner at a pub. That most words can be shortened and that humor is the best way…


      We are coming up towards the end of the Art road trip in Queensland for this time, but we have started to have plans for the next one. It will be a great concept, and hopefully in spring.       Read more

Streetart Toowoomba Queensland

On the art road trip we took a tour to see the project First Coat. It is a great initiative for street art and is today a festival organized by the regional council. You can find maps to the locations of the murals at and information about the artists. It is well worth a visit and you will find nice coffee on the way.Read more

Art road trip exhibition

Shoe meeting from the exhibition at Rosalie Gallery, Goombungge, Queensland. collage art Why not… That is what the director of Rosalie Gallery, said when my friend Julia was talking to her earlier this year about the possibility of creating a pop up art exhibition for 3 days and yesterday it started. The opening night was a wonderful event, and it was an experience to be a part of what a really good gallery can mean for creating a hub inRead more

Art in Rosalie Gallery , Goombungee

I am very happy to be in Goombungee the Rosalie Gallery is fantastic, and I am looking forward to the opening tonight. Tomorrow and on Sunday we will have collage workshops, so I can hardly wait. Apart from art you will find unique jewelry from Connector Jewels. This is a picture of the fallen kimono emerging tonight the finished piece will be on the wall. Rosalie GalleryRead more

Art places to discover

One stop on our road trip will be Mount Tamborine. In pictures it looks like paradise with a lush tall rainforest and waterfalls. In Mount Tamborine I hope to visit this gallery: And of course, this one: Another dream is to visit a farm. Yesterday I was watching Mc Leods Daughters episode 1, the landscape was breathtaking. I will create a sketch diary that will be posted as a travel journey on this blog. If you are anRead more

Packing for a creative journey

Boots for when the temperature is dropping, notebook for sketching and a few other clothes. 90 % of my baggage will be art and art materials. I visited Perth this April and saw some amazing spots, and I am sure that I will be amazed to visit Queensland. This time I will also have a chance to see rainforests, mountains, outback, beaches  and a  few towns so it sounds perfect. On the 24th of August we will visit this beautiful you areRead more

An artist’s courage

Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend in Singapore that used to paint for a while to earn money for her art classes and later on for university. When I was 14 I sold horse portraits, horses basically had been my only motive since I was 7. At that age, I wasn’t as nervous as I am now, nor was my friend that sold her art because her mother told her that she needed to find a way ifRead more

Excellent down under adventure

Only 4 more nights at home and after that we are on a plane to start our road trip. On this road trip we won’t have to look out for moose instead it is kangaroos. I might take Julia on a Swedish adventure later on. The more that I have read about travelling in the outbacks the more I realize that it can be an adventure. However, my travelling companion has reassured me that we will not ne travelling as farRead more