12 days to Art road trip to Queensland, Australia

take off

The fallen kimono

the fallen kimono emerging

Today it is 12 days before I will fly to the Gold Coast with Julia Namour from Connector Jewles, to set up an art exhibition in the outback. To see the outbacks has been a dream since childhood when I was eagerly following the Mc Leods Daughters, to show my new art there is even better.

The last months have been filled with painting to get ready for the trip. Examples of the process are seen above.

On this blog we will post updates on the preparing, meeting artists in Australia, art exhibitions, art workshops and of course the whole adventure of an art road trip in Australia. I will be posting maps and the mayor stops with dates soon so that you can follow.

We will also be doing #sketchdrops along the road. I will explain more about these later on. So hold on for a trip filled with our art and experiences on an #artroadtripAustralia.

G’day Australia we are soon on our way.





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