Why follow the Australian art road trip online?

Kangaroo field AustraliaRegional art

The trip will start in Gold Coast and Mount Tamborine with gallery visit’s and meetings with artists from the region. We will try I won’t promise to create video’s on these meetings, but I will promise to write about them and if the artists allow me to publish great art from the region.

On  the road

Naturally, we will also give you tips on great eateries we find on the way and tell you about our fortunes and our detours.  We will post some great nature photos if we happen to snap any.

Queensland sketch give away, the outback edition

Each day we will announce at what place you can find a sketch made on site up for grab to the person that finds it first. If you would be kind enough to let me know if you found it I would be happy.

Exhibition glints and workshop tips

We will give you creative tips from the workshops and exhibitions on the way.

Australian expressions

We have 3 questions with us that we will ask at all the places that we go to about great Australian expressions, things to do and of course about art.

And of course great unique jewelry from Connector Jewels. Tomorrow I will give you the story behind this company, and it is a good one.




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