Excellent down under adventure


Only 4 more nights at home and after that we are on a plane to start our road trip. On this road trip we won’t have to look out for moose instead it is kangaroos. I might take Julia on a Swedish adventure later on.

The more that I have read about travelling in the outbacks the more I realize that it can be an adventure. However, my travelling companion has reassured me that we will not ne travelling as far as they describe in this blog.


The second thing that I am learning is that there are so many expressions that I don’t have a clue what they mean, so it will be an interesting language experience as well. Like what is a damper?

Right now I am more wondering how to fit my paintings in the car, how to handle my exhibition nervosity and what the Aussies will think about Swedish art made in Singapore.

I am excited about the people we will meet, and to be able to thank everyone that has already helped out, the nature, the towns and the local art.

One thing I already know for sure. Aussies are kind, helpful, clever and has a great sense of humor, so that makes up for a great trip down under.

Thank you Diana Mahmoud for the cover picture.






3 responses to Excellent down under adventure

  1. UnrestingSea says:

    What’s a damper!? Seriously asked myself that every time I booked a Queensland tour that said “tea & damper included.”

    Happy travels!

  2. Glad to know that it is not only me that is a bit lost with some expressions, I hope that you had great tours in Queensland.

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