An artist’s courage

Ingela painting

Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend in Singapore that used to paint for a while to earn money for her art classes and later on for university. When I was 14 I sold horse portraits, horses basically had been my only motive since I was 7.

At that age, I wasn’t as nervous as I am now, nor was my friend that sold her art because her mother told her that she needed to find a way if she wanted to continue her studies.

She also told me about meeting a man that went all through art university in Singapore and was driving a taxi.

When teaching art I have met many talented students that grow when they start to experiment and dare just to try without having an expectation of creating great art every time at class.


I think that I can relate to the younger me and my friend that dared to take a risk with art and horse portrait and to the man that chose a safer path. However, today I am very thankful to my family and friends who supports me with my art also when my courage is low. It is a great gift to be surrounded by.

I also think that I would be resentful if I didn’t dare to do it, and chose a safer path. I hope that you will like the paintings in Queensland. Artist friends, please let me know if you can relate. I would love to hear your story.

The beautiful lady that used to paint now uses her creativity to make other people dare to take a step into their own business, I am sure that she could also help artists and I have her contacts if anyone is interested she lives in Singapore.



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