I wish that I could have invited Frida Kahlo…

In a few weeks I will do an exhibition at The Volvo Art Loft in Singapore with someone that is changing art history for women in Bali. She has been the first contemporary female artist from Bali with an international profile. I am sharing my space at The Volvo Art Loft with Sani.

The theme we have chosen is Soul Sisters.The exhibition will show works of art of women from our different perspectives and viewpoints. It is a Nordic and Asian fusion. I was born in Sweden and have lived in London and Singapore. Sani was born in Sanur and is still living in Bali.

Today she lives in an artist family I live in a family with entrepreneurs.

For me it took a very long time until I really dared to try to become an artist. But I have always painted, and used my creativity as a designer, teacher and project manager. Today I work only with my art and that is a huge step. When I think about growing up I remember a supportive family, but I also remember a mother that dreamt about painting in Paris but never did. That choice had a mayor impact in her life. I think that has reflected on my own choices. It has also reflected on how big that I dreamt. I am shifting my perspective and in that process I start to think bold and dare to dream bigger.

So big that I can live w2ith the statement that this exhibition is truly important, it shows a shift in Balinese contemporary art and Nordic art in Asia.

I hope to see some art writers and art historians at the exhibition to capture this journey.

We will reflect on our choices at the art talk at our exhibition.

The exhibition will be opened by Catharina Jevrell, the Swedish ambassador’s wife.

Sani och Jag art trip 2013

Sani painting 2



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