Art exhibition Singapore

The Souls Sisters exhibition is still open at The Volvo Art Loft until the end of October. Now showing Ni Nyoman Sani from Bali and Ingela Johansson from Sweden. Both artists have worked on the theme women, but in their own style and viewpoint.  You will find daydreams, strength, fragility, irony, brands, energy, passion, hopes, communication, friendship, beauty, sorrow and so much more. Fast fact: Ni Nyoman Sani, born in Sanur and after graduating from art school in Denpassar SanisRead more

Opening night of Soul Sisters

Last Friday was a magic night. It was the opening of The Soul Sisters exhibition. A night that I have painted and planned for during one year. I show my paintings next to Ni Nyoman Sani from Bali, and together we are The Soul Sisters. I would like to thank everyone that came to the opening and Catharina Jevrell for the opening speech,The Volvo Art Loft, Matakana Wines, SPR MRKT (catering), the staff during the evening, Jeremiah Xavier for photos, media, clients,Read more

I see a different side of you in your paintings…

  I am just back from an art talk with a group of wonderful ladies. We discussed art, carpets and stories behind the canvas. One of my friends said that I see you in a new way after watching your art and how you look at Singapore. We talked a lot about daydreaming, and symbolism in art. I loved to try to describe my friends Ni Nyoman Sanis art language in her woman. On the second picture her art isRead more

The stories behind the canvas

  The first painting Story teller is by Ingela Johansson. It is mixed media with collage, acrylic and ink. The painting holds all the elements of a childhood story, from the dragon to the prince but with a twist. Lovely hair is by Ni Nyoman Sani. It is an oil painting. On Wednesday evening (tomottow) you will hear the stories behind these paintings and other work at the current Soul Sisters at The Volvo Art Loft in Singapore. The exhibitionRead more

Just before the opening…″ This is a film made by my artist Soul sister Ni Nyoman Sani. In the background you will hear my husband describing in Swedish that I have designed the carpets as well. For the art you will first see Sanis beautiful paintings and after that the camera will slide to parts of my work. We will be at The Volvo Art Loft today at 4 if you want to meet us. The opening night was truly magical, thank youRead more

Hanging paintings for the art show

Now the art exhibition opening is just one night’s sleep away, and we have been spending the day hanging, measuring and changing. It took a while, and I can feel it in every muscle in my body. I didn’t realize that art could be such a great workout. Tomorrow at 7 pm we will be ready to welcome our visitors and we hope that you will enjoy the experience. We would like to thank all family and friends that have beenRead more