The stories behind the canvas



Lovely hair. Oil on canvas.2014. 110 x 80_resized_1

The first painting Story teller is by Ingela Johansson. It is mixed media with collage, acrylic and ink. The painting holds all the elements of a childhood story, from the dragon to the prince but with a twist.

Lovely hair is by Ni Nyoman Sani. It is an oil painting.

On Wednesday evening (tomottow) you will hear the stories behind these paintings and other work at the current Soul Sisters at The Volvo Art Loft in Singapore.

The exhibition had a magical opening this Friday and we still have a few paintings by Ingela Johansson that are not sold. We also have oil paintings by contemporary artist Ni Nyoman Sani.

Come by 249 Alexandra Road tomorrow evening, have a glass of wine/soft drink and listen to the stories.

Ps. You will also find a Volvo in one painting.



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