I see a different side of you in your paintings…

Volvo exhibition 1


Volvo exhibition 2

I am just back from an art talk with a group of wonderful ladies. We discussed art, carpets and stories behind the canvas. One of my friends said that I see you in a new way after watching your art and how you look at Singapore. We talked a lot about daydreaming, and symbolism in art. I loved to try to describe my friends Ni Nyoman Sanis art language in her woman. On the second picture her art is featured together with gorgeous women. Four paintings and four women.

I have several different styles but in each painting you will find at least a dot of red and my color symbolism follows the same pattern.

It is a true reward for an artist to listen, learn and reflect in the intimate setting of an art talk.

For those of you that wonder why the rugs are in the pictures they are part of a brand new collection that I have designed and will be launched under the name Redcarpet SG. They are handknotted in wool and silk.

The night ended with a “goosebump moment” when to friends realized that they had bought the 2 paintings on our brochure about the exhibition connected to Soul Sisters.

Thank you for joining the art talk. The soul Sisters exhibition will be on until the end of October, and I will do another art talk in 2 weeks.





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