Opening night of Soul Sisters

Last Friday was a magic night. It was the opening of The Soul Sisters exhibition. A night that I have painted and planned for during one year. I show my paintings next to Ni Nyoman Sani from Bali, and together we are The Soul Sisters. I would like to thank everyone that came to the opening and Catharina Jevrell for the opening speech,The Volvo Art Loft, Matakana Wines, SPR MRKT (catering), the staff during the evening, Jeremiah Xavier for photos, media, clients, family and friends. I hope that I have not forgotten anyone!


The Swedish ambassador’s couple Catharina and Håkan Jevrell discussing art.

DSC_3387Reflecting…DSC_3744 On artDSC_3708and questions…

DSC_3573Thank you for coming DSC_3662

DSC_3362Bolero by Ingela Johansson



Catharina Jevrell in the middle of The Soul Sisters, Ni Nyoman Sani and Ingela Johansson. I just noticed that Catharinas dress matches the painting behind her.


A friend that is usually dressed as Batman check the quality of the new carpets. Designed by Ingela Johansson. It was a wonderful but long evening. For me it went by too quickly and I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall. Thank you and a big hug to my family whom had to stand my nerves for quite a while.








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