Art exhibition Singapore

Paintings Volvo

Soul sisters Sani and me

The Souls Sisters exhibition is still open at The Volvo Art Loft until the end of October. Now showing Ni Nyoman Sani from Bali and Ingela Johansson from Sweden. Both artists have worked on the theme women, but in their own style and viewpoint.  You will find daydreams, strength, fragility, irony, brands, energy, passion, hopes, communication, friendship, beauty, sorrow and so much more.

Fast fact: Ni Nyoman Sani, born in Sanur and after graduating from art school in Denpassar Sanis has worked as a contemporary artist for 20 years in Bali. She is the first female artist from Bali that has gained success on the international art scene.

Ingela Johansson born in Sweden but now living in Singapore. She works in mixed media and collage style. The art is an interpretation of daily life with globalization as a backdrop. This year she has been exhibiting in Australia, Singapore and soon she is home in Sweden for an exhibition.

Photo: Jeremiah Xavier from the opening night


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