The year in art

My private workd of words

Painting from 2013 now in Sweden

Bride contrast s

Painting for January 2014, painted in 2013 now in Dubai

Tangs T

Painting for February 2014, Tangs now in Singapore

The boy and the kites

Painting for March 2014, Zhuhai China

In this city they had a remarkable artist village that was over 500 years old and I got to paint at an orphanage in their city. One of the girls was a teenager and very talented I have her painting as a treasure at home, and she has mine.

The bike in Tiong Bahru detail

Painting for April 2014, Tiong Bahru, Singapore

sketching Mr Happy

Painting for May 2014, “Happy” now in Australia

Amazed by the community spirit in Gombungee.

Kick off

Painting for June 2014, Kick-off now in Singapore

In June I had a wonderful week of marathon painting. After a couple of days you could barely walk in the house due to canvases all over mixed with pictures, paint, papers, ideas and chocolate used for painting.

Painting summerhouse

Painting in the summer house in Sweden, July 2014

Remembering a wonderful evening sketching after Carl Larsson and getting familiar to know his works i a new way.

Poster Rosalie Gallery copy

Painting for August Car poster for the Art road trip in Australia.

The bellydancer collage

Painting for September Bellydancer now in Sweden it was meant for the exhibition in Singapore but it was to nude.

Soul sisters Sani and me

October, Yes I know this is no painting but it is my Soul Sisters Ni Nyoman Sani that I exhibited with in Singapore. A fantastic artist and a woman that has laid a new ground for female artists from Bali.

Photo UOB monk

November exhibiting in my hometown at Galleri Bergman

Galleri Bergman eldshow 2

December art with fire from the exhibition in Sweden.

Happy new year it has been a great one.


Now it is time for the official launch of Red Carpets SG in 2015.

A hughe thank you to my family that has been supportive of me always painting, drawing, thinking and creating, and to my friends that have supported me and made me laugh.


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