Look in to the camera


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The producer Weiling sent me an email last summer about taking part in a series featuring how it was to be a Swedish artist in Singapore and that it would be a part of a TV show featuring a Singaporean designer in Sweden.

I liked the concept, but I really had no idea of what I agreed to. From convincing my family to have breakfast at 7 am on a Sunday morning, to try to be natural in front of the camera while sketching on the street in the afternoon heat.

However, I did learn a lot on the way, about details, lighting, sound and the importance of patience with yourself. The production team lead by Weiling were fantastic. However, it truly makes you aware how much hard work that goes behind a finished production. I would also like to thank the Swedish embassy and the Swedish Norweigan Seamans Mission for help and allowing us to bring the production team to the Christmas Bazaar.

I would love to meat Amelia Ong when I go to Stockholm. We seem to share a lot of passion for creativity, mushroom picking, and both Sweden and Singapore.

This is a great idea for a TV show because all the episodes will give you new insights from how it is to live in different parts of the world from Mongolia to Sweden.

Watching the show made me and my family long for the nature back home in Sweden.

If you have seen the show and are interested to see the carpets you will find them on Arab Street No.54.



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