“Singapore from a Swedish point of view”

Scandasia Ingela

Thank you Scandasia for featuring our art exhibition at Art One 21, Tiong Bahru

“The gallery is quite small, but also very fancy – like a hip place in Soho in New York. The crowd wandering about at Art with a glass of wine in their hand and discussing the paintings, would also seem to be the culture elite in Singapore.” Soren Engelbrecht, Scandasia

I also think that he described the monk spot on

“The symbolic monk”

“Especially one element – or one man to be exact – represents these differences in two of her paintings a monk is casually wandering in areas where you probably wouldn’t go looking for one. In one of the paintings the monk is on the docks by Marina Bay Sands with the big extravagant Louis Vuitton store in the background it is easy to point the odd one out.”  This particular painting is sold to Karlstad, Sweden

My symbolic monk was mentioned and he is still featuring my works from the streets of Singapore, as my question of why he is there taking pictures at Marina Bay or buying suitcases at Takashimaya still is not answered. I am curious about his spiritual reason. He is also part of why I am still very fascinated by this amazing island small and yet it seems to be having spots from all over the world. It keeps on to amaze me, so is the speed of change on the same small island.  I wish I would have had the opportunity to come and see it 20 years ago, and yet I am sure that the art I create today will be very different from the next 20 years.

The photos in the article are by the photographer Jeremiah Xavier.

“The cultural elite in the article are Martin Cavangh, Bernadette Cavangh, High Comissioner of New Zeland and Holleigh Mason.”

Thank you for referring to me as Duth princess, that made my day. Scandasia article

cover Scandasia









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