The monk and the bank of China

This painting is fresh from the #brush for the upcoming #exhibition at The Art Club, Singapore 17th of Sept – 17th of Oct. To me this painting is Asia. I imagine that the bike owner has just popped in for an errand at the bank. Feeling tiny as he or she walk up the giant stairs, and press the enormous door. The #lion hold the fort outside, and the monk just happens to walk by to remind us about anotherRead more

Where art and people meet in Singapore

The Art Club Singapore From the 17th of September I will start my #exhibition “Monks and Prada” at The Art Club, Singapore. Art talks on the 17th and 18th of September. The #exhibition will continue until the 17th of October. I am very excited to hold this exhibition as I think that The Art Club is a one of a kind gallery and maybe even more a meeting spot for art and people.  Daniel Ord one of the founders describesRead more

Exhibition in Venice Future Memories

Swedish artist #Ingela Johansson is excited to be taking part in “Future Memories exhibition by it’s LIQUID Group, in collaboration with International Art Expo. The exhibition is curated by Luca Curci. Ingela is showing a painting from her women series titled “Blue Memory”, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 cm The exhibition is held at #Palazzo Ca’Zanardi from the 18th of Aug – 29th of Aug FUTURE MEMORIES – Reconstruction of new identities is focused on the idea that theRead more

Art for Hope

This #painting in #mixed media by Ingela Johansson will be part of the silent #auction for #Hope. It was created in 2013 and shows a #detail of the #Buddhist #temple in #Chinatown, #Singapore. “To me it is one of those #moments of resting on a hot day, on a #peaceful spot.”  It is my wish that it will be a small part of the puzzle for the organization #Hope.Read more

Soft soul collage with resin 2014 in stock

Soft soul is a #collage with #resin. This process of painting requires often 10 to 12 layers. The finished piece is a mixture of glossy and mat surface with the lady #painted on top of the resin. The first layers are #collage pieces from #vintage #books. By Swedish artist Ingela Johansson, the piece is for sale. “She looks like she is about to turn on to a new path with her memories dear and close, a soft change yet strong.”Read more

Blue Umbrella

  This #painting was created in #Singapore 2014. What I like about the #collage is that it holds the gift of a #discovery of new elements. First you see her but after a while you start to notice that she is not alone. Photograph by Anne Nyblaeus. The “painting has a coat of thick #resin and is unframed on #canvas. If you are interested in this #painting please send an email to or leave me a message on thisRead more