The monk who walked the streets of Singapore new talk on the 2nd of October

Welcome to #theartclubsingapore for another #arttalk by #Swedish #artist #IngelaJohansson on the 2nd of October at 7 pm. “When you move to a new country you notice things in your #everyday life that is sometimes things you don’t think about if you spend a long time in that place. One of the first things I noticed was the #monks outside the luxury brand stores and that started a number of questions. Today that is 3 years ago and I willRead more

Why do I paint monks?

I started painting #monks 2013 and the first one was the monk walking outside #Prada on #Orchard Road, #Singapore. At 7 pm tonight I will have another art talk at the exhibition The Monk and Prada. Yesterday I had a great time also listening to the perspective of the viewer. That is what my art is all about, if it evokes a feeling or questions I am happy. I like that for each time I bring up the topic ofRead more

Planning an art talk

One of my friends and art collectors once said: “You must be brave to do this, it is almost like having your soul on display.” Tonight I am looking for pictures for my presentation at The Art Club, and looking at old talks to prepare for the art talk in 2 days at The Art Club Singapore. Looking through the pictures from different interviews I remember going through the emotions. On the 17th of Sept it is time once again,Read more