Why do I paint monks?

I started painting #monks 2013 and the first one was the monk walking outside #Prada on #Orchard Road, #Singapore.

At 7 pm tonight I will have another art talk at the exhibition The Monk and Prada.

Yesterday I had a great time also listening to the perspective of the viewer. That is what my art is all about, if it evokes a feeling or questions I am happy. I like that for each time I bring up the topic of the monk in our rapidly changing global society it does evoke different sides and points of views.

I will keep on working on my monk theme as long as it does evoke new inputs and questions. One answer is that the monks walks outside #Prada to deal with his own temptation, as one of my friends put it how much of a daily temptation do you face in the monastery?

I will also talk about colour symbolism and other symbols in my art.

Welcome tonight for an exhibition of not only art but also great sculpture and more.

I can also promise great #treats to nibble on from RedGum.

slide 1 art talk
Art talk at The Art Club, Singapore by Ingela Johansson
From the #art talk at The Art Club Singapore The Monk and Prada
From the #art talk at The Art Club Singapore The Monk and Prada
The #energy #monk by Ingela Johansson
The #energy #monk by Ingela Johansson

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