5 great art business questions

This year I had the gift of getting 5 good questions about my art business from a taxi driver in Malaysia. The number one question you get as an artist is: How long did this painting take you to paint? You wonder how to answer. Well, this particular painting took this ? hours, but that’s after art schools and years and years of experience. However to make myself aware of what I spend my time on it’s a number weRead more

Calendar 16 Skyline

This piece Skyline Marina Promenade from the series of Tales of Singapore is available as a limited fine art print, in a series of 28 pcs. Size30 cm x 70 cm, on a stretched canvas. Price 390 SGD, signed and numbered by the artist. Kindly order before the 18th for delivery before Christmas. Order at Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com  Read more

Lanterns Christmas Calendar 15

Lantern is my new piece finished last week. You can but the original 75 x 100 cm or buy one of 24 fine art prints on stretched canvas 80×56 cm for 390 SGD. Kindly order before the 17th to be sure to get your delivery in time. Order at Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com    Read more

Christmas Calendar 13

Today it’s Lucia in Sweden and we will have gingerbread cookies to our coffee and light 3 candles. Not far to Christmas you can get this art piece as a fine art print in a limited edition art print of 28 pcs on a stretched canvas 80×56 cm for 390 SGD. Order at Swedishartanddesign@gmail.comRead more

Christmas Calendar 12

If you are looking for art for a city lover. This is my pic for Dec12 titled “Metro”, urban every day scene. Now available as a fine art print order at Swedishartanddesogn@gmail.com 80×56 cm on a stretched canvas, signed and numbered by the artist    Read more

5 things about buying art for Christmas

So it’s almost Christmas again and quite a few of us are thinking of how to give away a great gift to someone that seems to have most things. Art can be that kind of gift if you plan it right, it’s also one of the most personal gifts that you can give. I have made a list of 5 things to consider before buying. Motifs and themes Colour and personality should match the person Size, pick something that couldRead more

Christmas Calendar 10

I delivered one of these prints yesterday but still 24 pieces left in a series of 28 pcs. The fine art prints are signed and numbered, 80 x 56 cm on a stretched canvas for 390 SGD. Order today to be sure to have your delivery before Christmas. For more options go to the page fine art prints. Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com  Read more

Christmas Calendar 9

“Urban Garden” Singapore 2014 by Ingela Johansson Everyday scenes in art. Fine art print 60×60 cm 390 SGD in limited edition on stretched canvas. Signed and numbered by the artist.  Read more

Christmas calendar 8 “Black and White”

The first week in Singapore I was told that the interests are: food, and shopping. This piece titled “Black and White” reflects decorating for one of the luxury brands. Now available as a fine art print on canvas 60×60 cm for 390 SGD. Signed and numbered by the artist. 28 pcs in the series.Read more