5 things about buying art for Christmas

So it’s almost Christmas again and quite a few of us are thinking of how to give away a great gift to someone that seems to have most things.

Art can be that kind of gift if you plan it right, it’s also one of the most personal gifts that you can give.

I have made a list of 5 things to consider before buying.

  1. Motifs and themes
  2. Colour and personality should match the person
  3. Size, pick something that could work in the home
  4. Value, If you pick an emerging artist the gift can increase in value.
  5. Artist, to me it’s important to meet the artist or get to hear the story behind the piece.

If you know what you want, but you can’t find it you can always opt for a commission to get exactly what you want.

To be sure ask the artist/gallery if you can exchange the art piece for another one after Christmas.

If you would like a quote send me an email with colours, personality and motifs that you are looking for to Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com

I have originals from 450 SGD to 2300 SGD.

Ps. You can also but limited edition art print for 390 SGD




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