5 great art business questions

This year I had the gift of getting 5 good questions about my art business from a taxi driver in Malaysia.

The number one question you get as an artist is:

How long did this painting take you to paint?

You wonder how to answer. Well, this particular painting took this ? hours, but that’s after art schools and years and years of experience.

However to make myself aware of what I spend my time on it’s a number we need to keep track on.

How do you chose what paintings to make?

You might find this strange but as art is my job I have separated these in to 2 categories.

The paintings my soul need to do

The paintings I think have a market

The first one can not completely take over, and if you ignore it you won’t progress as an artist. Finding the balance can be tricky.

How do you pick what galleries to approach?

This is a process that requires research.

You need to look for a gallery that has the same target market, suitable price range and of course a gallery that seems to be people that you would like to work with.

The choice of location is also important and your overhead costs can differ a lot.

Think also about that a gallery might be more interested if you have a strong client list.

How much time do you spend panting?

I think that any small business owner would agree that time is never in your corner. Because you have to joggle so many different parts of the business you have to be strict with yourself in planning and focus.

How do you market your exhibitions?

Today it’s not enough to get in the door to a good gallery and have an exhibition. You still need to be a strong marketing partner leading up to the event, during and after.

You website, social media and emails can be part of this work.

Good luck for a prosperous 2016

In to 2016 I will write about building your artistic brand, if you would like more please put your questions in the comment field.

Happy New Year















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