The beauty of discovery in art

I seldom get tired of collages because you tend to discover new motifs and scenes in them for a very long time. Built up with many layers that plays with shadow. light, texture. Made from a structure of collage pieces nestled in to acrylic, ink and resin. Often a piece holds over 20 layers before it’s finished. This piece is titled “Future” Made 2015, by Ingela Johansson   AdvertisementsRead more

Art that plays with light

Life is a mixed media piece in acrylic, newspaper, ink, handmade paper and resin. The painting has 15 layers. The layering together with the resin creates an effect that has a light and a dark side and it gives it both a shiny and a mat side. Size 60×80 cm The painting is available for sale, kindly pm me for more details at  Read more

Artwork with texture, light and shade

Above you see a detail from blossom. The new piece was finished in December 2015. It has 16 layers of acrylic paint, Chinese ink, handmade paper, newspaper and resin. It is part of the Fragment collection, by Swedish artist Ingela Johansson It has a light and a dark side, it can be glossy or mat depending on how the light hits the painting. Size 60 x 120 cm. For more info kindly contact    Read more