Is buying art a love affair? 10 steps to make it in to a serious relationship

As an artist the best things is when you get a photo of a painting in it’s new home, and a comment about that they love it.

To get to that stage a lot of factors has to be right.

I have listed 10 important things to consider.

1. You have to love it. Maybe I am bad seller but I would talk my clients in to waiting or thinking about is if it doesn’t feel right. Even though the colours, motif, size works. On the other hand if you fall in love with an art piece all the other things becomes secondary.

2 A personal connection or a memory. Many of my clients buy my art because it reminds them of a place where they used to live.

3.Would the colour scheme work in your home? Will it become a focal point, or blend in? I once had a client that hated green, so he waited 2 years to buy a green painting because he couldn’t get it out of his head. He had fallen in love with the piece.

4. Is art an investment? Art can be an investment with a serious growth on investment. It’s a factor to consider especially if you are buying art over 5000 USD. This requires it’s own post, but I can say that for collectors that started to buy my art 2013 should now 2016 have payed the double. Of course it’s based on that the market will continue to value my art in the same way or higher.

5. It fits in to an interior design to design a home. Art can also be selected to work as a focal point to fit in to your interior. I have sold a painting because it had the right teal tone.

6. A personal gift as a commission. This is probably one of the most unique gifts you can give to anyone, and are usually highly treasured.

7. When picking an art piece for a certain spot also look at size, medium and motif.

8. The artist and a meeting with the artist at an exhibition or online via Skype can also be an important part of the process in choosing an art piece. Personally I collect from artists that I know.

9. If you didn’t find love at first sight. Tip! Go to exhibitions, look online and don’t buy until magic happens. If you find an artist you like, but don’t find the piece at the exhibition. Sign up and follow the artist online, or via newsletter. It might be that he or she hasn’t painted your masterpiece yet.

10. Hang the piece with love, and give it light.

Good luck with starting or expanding your  art collection with passion.

I always like to discuss these things so send me an email if you have any questions.


2 mood monks in their collectors home in Singapore

Galleri Bergman Einar Lena.jpg

Me together with two art collectors in Sweden.


Floating Soul at home.jpg

Floating Soul, in it’s home with a collector.












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