Geylang new edition

Art from Geylang by Ingela Johansson
Geylang, part of the series Tales of Singapore by Ingela Johansson, 2014


“Walking in Singapore never gets old to me as it changes so rapidly. In one day you can feel as if you have traveled through Europe, India, China and the Middle East. An area that many locals claim has the best food is Geylang, and now it finally is part of Tales of Singapore.”

Geylang is a new edition to the limited edition print series tales of Singapore.It’s one of the neighborhoods in Singapore that has great food in almost every corner, and you still get a sense of the “old” Singapore.

You can buy it as an original, or as a limited edition art print with only 28 pcs.

On archival stretched canvas 80×56 cm, signed and numbered by the artist Ingela Johansson.

Tales of Singapore is a series of artworks from Singapore created from 2013 – 2016 by Swedish artist Ingela Johansson. The collection is about the jutaxpositions between the old and the modern Singapore. Like the monk walking outside Prada.








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