Following the Silk Road with marble and sand

I am always been fascinated by the silk road, and now I have worked on a collection in mixed media inspired by Marco Polo’s journey to his favorite city Quinsai.

To me the any journey on the silk road has years and years of different history,  that is why I used a collage technique with many layers in the works.

You can find “hidden treasures” in the background of the pieces after a while, that’s what I love with collage and mixed media. Not everything is a focal point, so you can discover new stories within the story. I have used marble, sand, acrylic, ink, charcoal, joss paper, old papers, handmade papers and recycled papers to create a sense of journey through time.

If you look carefully you might find an old compass, or map in the background. In the foreground you will find 4 different kind of flowers, each on with a significant symbolism just as in the Quinsai Collectiion by Villeroy & Boch.

“Peony stands for affluence and distinction, camellia represents generosity. Magnolia pays tribute to the emperor and shows special respect for beautiful women. While chrysanthemum symbolises endurance, courage and longevity.”

The paintings will be finished during a live painting event at The Villeroy & Boch boutique in Capitol Plaza. I hope that you will join the event online. The works will be sold as limited edition prints.








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