From idea to finished art piece

Quinsai sketch

The Quinsai art collection started with an email from Tatler Home Singapore, and it took me on a creative journey to Germany and in the footsteps of Marco Polo.

The German company Villeroy & Boch just celebrated the launch of their Quinsai collection, and these art pieces are inspired by their beautiful pieces.


The picture is from the launch in their store in Capitol Plaza.

more pictures from the launch

However from the sketch to the finished piece the creative journey had many stops. One of them was to come up with the ingredients in the paintings. I was looking for materials that could layers to enhance the passing of time and history.

Quinsai work in progress mixed media

The thin silk joss paper was used in combination with corse sand, marble, acrylics, handmade thick silk papers, resin and ink. Layered in as many as 23 layers it created a surface that holds many stories within a storyline. That is partly why I keep on being drawn to collage and mixed media. You can discover new parts and stories after time.

Quinsai abstract Talisman.jpg

This piece holds a Talisman. Another challenge was to work with the composition of the colours, keeping in mind that one more layer would be added at a live painting session.


In front of approx. 100 people in a beautiful venue the flowers where painted on to the glossy resin surface. Creating yet another contrast. Quinsai was Marco Polo’s favorite city in China, and he wrote about it’s beauty.I enjoyed working with this theme, and 9 artworks on 60×60 cm canvas now hang at Departures & Arrivals in Singapore.


A store that only sells handcrafted pieces with a story.

D&A Quinsai photo.jpg

See the collection on my new website















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