A tribute to a great artist at Oslo exhibition S9 Galleri

As an artist you often get the question, who inspires you. When I was 16 I spent a copule of days in Oslo. I remember going to the Vigelands park and spend a whole day just looking at each sculpture. I had never, and still haven’t seen anything like it. It’s the largest sculpture park in the world with 200 statutes. Gustaf Vigeland created all the originals himself in clay. The park grew from the 1920 to 2002.

About a month ago I took a walk in the park again, this time it was fall and cold. The parc was filled with people, and this time I was still amazed by the sculptures but also about how everyone was interacting with the sculptures. All ages from many parts of the world, it was almost like 2 circles of life one in the sculptures, and one that was constantly changing in the visitors.

It made you think about if this was the intention of Vigeland, to have this interaction.


This is a photo from the park.

One of the artworks  at my upcoming exhibition in Oslo, is from the park. I hope that you will enjoy it.

The opening is on the 5th of Nov at S9 Galleri in Oslo.http://sverdrupsgate9.no/om

After the exhibition the artwork will by available at.





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