Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden

Today was the first exhibition for 2017 at Galleri Lohme. An exciting gallery in Malmö with niched and big ideas, in a stunning location.

It was a nervous walk to the gallery of two reasons, one because my right foot ankle was double it’s normal size from a fall and second because I had not been part of the hanging process. This gallery does not allow the artist to take part, a new experience to me but it all look good when I nervously peeked through the window. I also loved the area, and the brick wall you can see behind some of the paintings.

Ingela Johansson at Galleri Lohme, Malmö

Another new thing for me was an art opening during daytime, which has been the norm in the area for many years. It was a great opening, with many new meetings in a new area for me. Malmö and Copenhagen is an interesting arena for art, and I enjoyed many discussions and questions today.

It was also the first exhibition for me when I only showcased abstract nixed media work., and not one single monk.

Altogether a great day with many new experiences. If you have the time and are in the area I hope that you have a look.


Rainforest 1 mixed media artwork by Ingela Johansson
Rainforest 2 mixedmedia artwork by Ingela Johansson
Always nice to see friends that also moved back from Singapore.

A lot of the questions today was about the story of each painting, and I enjoyed also hearing new stories from the visitors about their experiences. This is an important part of being an artist to me.


1 response to Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden

  1. Leap1ord says:

    Congrats on your opening, Ingela! Looks interesting. Like the colors. Hope you ankles reshapes soon. Best wishes. – Adam

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