Ingela’s story

Ingela Galleri Bergman
Picture from the opening of the exhibition at Galleri Bergman in Karlstad.

“I paint the monk outside Prada and other everyday scenes from what I see on my walks. I like to capture a landscape that is changing every day before our eyes.”

Swedish artist featured in Channel 5, and Harpers Bazar Art

Ingela Johansson, Artist

Ingela Johansson was born in 1970 in Karlstad. While still in school she made horse portraits by commission. After high school at The American Collage For the Applied Arts in London Ingela had a life drawing teacher who had worked as an illustrator for Vogue magazine. She saw her potential and encouraged Ingela to continue with fashion illustration.

Completed studies in London later led to further studies in fashion as well as in fashion drawing on Nordic Design School, located in Borås. While studying in Boras Ingela found silk painting which she then worked with for ten years. The inspiration for silk painting came from the Icelandic artist ERRO and his works on art history. This inspiration and creativity led to exhibitions at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm, as well as at the Textile Museum in Borås. Her silk paintings have also been exhibited at the Swedish Club in Paris. During this period she was also working in the field of graphic design.

Over the past seven years, Ingela worked with surrealist collage in combination with work as a teacher of design and art in Karlstad. The theme in the collages was change and choice, which have always been central in her work. She also illustrated books about as varied themes as domestic violence and leadership.

However, it was a move to Singapore that inspired her to develop a new identity as an artist. Her new pictures are in mixed media. However, you can still recognize the feeling from the surrealistic collages, but in the new theme there are less focus points and colours are used in a more symbolic manner. She also brought her experience as an educator to her new homeland – where she now has art courses.

Everyday moments with globalization as a backdrop is the scene for Tales of Singapore.

Which is Ingelas art project after many urban walks in the city. After moving to Asia

Ingela believes that she pays more attention to the changes that are constantly going on around us, and how they sometimes worry us. The discovery of her new country has attracted a great curiosity for the artist.

“With the brush and lens I seek those moments when we are changing or when we realize that we have to choose. I portray places that leave a clear testimony of the modern and the worn side by side. When I walk the streets in my new hometown and see a Buddhist monk walk into Prada I’m curious. Change, a global world and the way we handle it interest me.”

In 2014 she also started to design carpets inspired by nature and geometric patterns.


The American College for the Applied Arts London 1990-1992

RMI Bergh, design school Stockholm 1993

Nordic School of Design Boras 1994

Sothebys, 2013


Nordiska Museet, Stockholm;

Swedish Club, Paris,

Textile Museum, Borås

Höstsalong, Årjäng

Vårsalong, Karlstad

Höstsalong, Hammaro

Conceptual Visual Art Exhibition with Canadian artist

Barbara Ariss-Stroh-Wasser, Devonshire, Singapore

Culture Square Gallery, Singapore, 2013

100 Friends, TCC Gallery, Singapore, 2013

Studio Miu Art, L’Escalier Gallery , 2013

Rosalie Gallery, Queensland, Australia, 2014

Studio Miu Art, Orchard Centerpoint, Sinagpore, 2014

The Volvo Art Loft, Singapore, 2014

ArtOne21, Singapore 2015

Mandala Fine Art Gallery, 2015

Liquid Group, Self Identitties, Ca’Zanardi Arts House, jury selected, Venice 2015

Park Royal Hotel, Singapore, 2016

Villery Boch/Tatler Homes, Singapore, 2016

Arvika Konsthall, 2016

Klappsalongen Upplands Väsby, 2016


Separate exhibitions

Grand Hotel, Karlstad

Creadiem, Boras

Gustaf Fröding, in Karlstad

Galleri Bergman, 2014

The Art Club, Singapore 2015

DiLegno Contemporary Art Gallery, Singapore, 2016

S9 Galleri, Oslo, 2016

Global Art Projects

100Friends, TCC Gallery, 2014

Imago Mundi, the Benettton art project, 2015

The best of 2016, Dubai emerging artist award, book, p.72, 2016


Skapa stipendiat

Nordic finalist in Generator

Gallery Representation

Gallery Bergman, Karlstad, Sweden

The Art Club, Singapore


Channel 5, Tales of 2 cities, Singapore

Harpers Bazar Art, 2014 and 2015

Scandasia 2014, 2015

VF, 2014

Interview: Ingela Johansson


3 responses to Ingela’s story

  1. Thank you Ingela for a great workshop in Goombungee today. Both Tess and myself enjoyed it immensely and have come hone with new ideas to take us further in our art.
    Neville Wright

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