Art shop is open

Happy to announce that the art store is open! You get 20% off on everything until the 30th of December 2016. Use the code Christmas Launch. Enjoy gifts of art for Christmas. Each print is a limited edition of 38 pcs worldwide. It’s printed with archival canvas, and shipped rolled up not to break. Free shipping globally! To the store abstract, mixed media. collage, coffee sketches, sketches and more AdvertisementsRead more

5 great art business questions

This year I had the gift of getting 5 good questions about my art business from a taxi driver in Malaysia. The number one question you get as an artist is: How long did this painting take you to paint? You wonder how to answer. Well, this particular painting took this ? hours, but that’s after art schools and years and years of experience. However to make myself aware of what I spend my time on it’s a number weRead more