A personal gift

If you are looking for a unique gift, that is one of a kind you can commission an art piece. As an artist I take great pride in creating pieces for families, or companies that reflects something that is personal, important and close to their heart. It can be anything from creating a painting for a company about their mission statement, to painting a portrait of a family , pet or home. To ask for an idea and a quoteRead more

A portrait has been revelead

To make a portrait is a wonderful challenge. This is my latest commission piece. Made from a photo of the beautiful girls in a warm sunset light. If you are interested to know more about the process kindly send me an email Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com              Read more

Open studio day, Leisure Farm

If you are an art lover, art collector or just curious an open studio day is a great way to meet the artist behind the easel and listen to the story about the art pieces on the wall. I welcome you on the 14th of May to Leisure Farm Resort. Between 2 to 6 pm. Send me an email to Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com for full address and more info. I will show paintings from Tales of Singapore, Fragment the abstract collection andRead more

A painting about your family

THE FAMILY PAINTING Each person in the family get to pick their favorite colour, and 5 words/memories or things that they like. I combine the information in to a collage using papers, acrylic and resin to keep all the memories. It creates a personal painting for the whole family. If you would like to know more kindly send an email to: Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com  Read more

Have your dream house painted for Christmas

This is an example of a #painting I made for a client from New Zealand to remind them of their Singapore #home. The painting is created from photographs and acrylic. Order before 15th of November to be sure to have your painting in time for #Christmas. Send me an email at Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com for more info about the process and pricing.Read more