Bring harmony or energy to your home

These 2 monks are hanging in a Swedish art collectors home in Singapore. In my studio I still have energy monk and harmony monk. The paintings are 80 x 80 cm, in mixed media. Made 2014, by Swedish artist Ingela Johansson. More info. about the monks from                                      Read more

A painting about your family

THE FAMILY PAINTING Each person in the family get to pick their favorite colour, and 5 words/memories or things that they like. I combine the information in to a collage using papers, acrylic and resin to keep all the memories. It creates a personal painting for the whole family. If you would like to know more kindly send an email to:  Read more

Green Umbrella vintage collage

Original #collage #artwork for sale. Title Green #Umbrella, 2014, by Ingela Johansson, size 30 x 41 cm on canvas Price 490 SGD This piece was created during the Australian art road trip, the #collage pieces is from a 50’s magazine from Australia. In Leisure Farm, Malaysia.Read more