This piece of work is all about #texture and balance between metal, textile, newspaper, handcrafted silk papers colour, and a dimension of light with how the light hits the resin. Almost like a Persian #carpet it has a dark and a light side depending how the light hits the canvas. The story in this piece is about Balance. Size 120 x 100, Year 2016, Part of the Fragemnt Collection, mixed media For sale in the studio in Lesiure Farm. #artbyingelajohanssonRead more

Floating Soul

It’s always a special feeling to see an #artwork in it’s new home. This piece #Floating Soul currently lives in Singapore. It’s a collage piece, and I remember that the creative process in making it was intuitive. When we moved this time my husband told me that our art looked different, and even better in the new house. I do make commissions for my clients and if you are thinking about a commission a piece for Christmas I would beRead more

Green Umbrella vintage collage

Original #collage #artwork for sale. Title Green #Umbrella, 2014, by Ingela Johansson, size 30 x 41 cm on canvas Price 490 SGD This piece was created during the Australian art road trip, the #collage pieces is from a 50’s magazine from Australia. In Leisure Farm, Malaysia.Read more

Evening song

This piece was created in Sweden in 2012, it’s a collage piece the story is about an evening of songs and memories. Unframed on canvas 24×33 cm, price 480 SGD By Swedish #artist Ingela JohanssonRead more

Walk with the fish

This #art piece was made before the move to Asia, it is a #collage piece on canvas by Swedish artist Ingela Johansson. It’s a #surrealistic walk with #fish, that has a symbolic tale about life. Size 30 x 30 cm unframed or 50 x 50 cm framed Price 480 SGD unframed or 2800 SEK. A great piece for a new #art #collector to start an #artportfolio with.Read more

Soft soul collage with resin 2014 in stock

Soft soul is a #collage with #resin. This process of painting requires often 10 to 12 layers. The finished piece is a mixture of glossy and mat surface with the lady #painted on top of the resin. The first layers are #collage pieces from #vintage #books. By Swedish artist Ingela Johansson, the piece is for sale. “She looks like she is about to turn on to a new path with her memories dear and close, a soft change yet strong.”Read more

Blue Umbrella

  This #painting was created in #Singapore 2014. What I like about the #collage is that it holds the gift of a #discovery of new elements. First you see her but after a while you start to notice that she is not alone. Photograph by Anne Nyblaeus. The “painting has a coat of thick #resin and is unframed on #canvas. If you are interested in this #painting please send an email to or leave me a message on thisRead more

Art, carpets and music party

Not so long ago my husband mentioned why not do an art party at our house with live music? A couple of weeks later we did with musicians Krisna and Ben from Bali, and art and carpets by Ingela Johansson. The living room furniture ended up in the garden and we turned it in to a stage for the evening. Great art party with a lot of creativity. If you would like to see more of the carpets have aRead more

Art in the office, from Singapore to Sweden

    Marita Lekmo at Eminens has an office where you get inspired. Now her new painting is on it’s wall and I am happy that it made it all the way from Singapore to Sweden. The Bellydancer is the lady in collage, acrylic and resin I love how it contrasts and yet look perfectly in harmony next to the wonderful mountain painting.Read more