A portrait has been revelead

To make a portrait is a wonderful challenge. This is my latest commission piece. Made from a photo of the beautiful girls in a warm sunset light. If you are interested to know more about the process kindly send me an email Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com               AdvertisementsRead more

Open studio day with art and carpets/design your own rug

Welcome on the 14th of May between 2 to 6 pm for an open studio with #art and #rugs. If you have ever wanted to #design a rug that suits your space, is soft for your feet and in the colors  you love you now have the opportunity. View the quality of our #handknotted #carpets and our patterns on the open house. Naturally you can also #commission #paintings if you are looking for something personal. If you would like toRead more

Floating Soul

It’s always a special feeling to see an #artwork in it’s new home. This piece #Floating Soul currently lives in Singapore. It’s a collage piece, and I remember that the creative process in making it was intuitive. When we moved this time my husband told me that our art looked different, and even better in the new house. I do make commissions for my clients and if you are thinking about a commission a piece for Christmas I would beRead more

Monk at Reflections

When you create #commissions it is wonderful to get to see the art pieces in their #home. These pieces are memories of #Singapore for a client in #Reflections. If you would like to order your own #painting based on subject matter, location, colour and size that would suit you kindly have a look at the #commission page or contact me at Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com I will give you a photo sketch for you to get a picture of the finished piece andRead more