Sketching and stretching

To me sketching is as important as stretching. It is a way of finding new compositions and new expressions. Like a brainstorm with a brush to create a new painting. These sketches have been done with Chinese ink and acrylic. Ink is one of my favorite mediums to use. I realise that I often come back to the same symbols in my art, these kind of Asian ladies has been with me since childhood. Today they look different, but IRead more

Has moving changed my art?

I have a friend who is researching how a new culture and country will influence your art. After moving to Singapore from Sweden I have seen and be influenced a lot from the Asian architecture, contemporary art and antiques. I have also for the first time as an artist grown an increasing interest to capture the nature in my work. I am passionate about the colours in the rainforest and it’s thick form of different shapes of green that sometimesRead more