Facing forward Soul Sisters 2

On my #artistic bucket list is to have an #artresidence. Can hardly say how lucky I am to be able to make this dream come true in #Bali of all places, and with my dear friend Ni Nyoman Sani. We will work with Soul Sisters 2 that we call facing forward. For the second edition of #Soul Sisters we are working with a set of answers to 3 mayor questions we posed to a selected group of #women. The firstRead more

A monk walking the streets of Singapore

A new #art piece in the series Tales of Singapore is finished. Every #artwork features a main character and a moment from urban life in #Singapore. Often with globalization as a backdrop. #mixedmediaartofSingapore #skylineofSingapore This piece is currently for sale, it meassures 140 cm x 105 cm on canvas. #artbyingelajohansson  Read more

Art, carpets and music party

Not so long ago my husband mentioned why not do an art party at our house with live music? A couple of weeks later we did with musicians Krisna and Ben from Bali, and art and carpets by Ingela Johansson. The living room furniture ended up in the garden and we turned it in to a stage for the evening. Great art party with a lot of creativity. If you would like to see more of the carpets have aRead more

Painting a chest for the event in Chestnut Gardens

This old chest seems to have traveled to Singapore with Air France. It has had it’s turns on it’s voyage. Now it has a new delicate top hand painted with handmade Japanese paper and acrylic. It was a journey to paint the winter landscape on it, but I did enjoy the adventure. Being an artist is about being able to look out of the box. In this case I am almost in the box, yet doing something new to me.Read more

“Singapore from a Swedish point of view”

Thank you Scandasia for featuring our art exhibition at Art One 21, Tiong Bahru “The gallery is quite small, but also very fancy – like a hip place in Soho in New York. The crowd wandering about at Art with a glass of wine in their hand and discussing the paintings, would also seem to be the culture elite in Singapore.” Soren Engelbrecht, Scandasia I also think that he described the monk spot on “The symbolic monk” “Especially one element –Read more

Spring cleaning my art blog

After a hectic 2014 with exhibitions in 3 continents the blog didn’t really keep up, with everything that was happening. A Saturday with rain was perfect to have a look and a spring clean. I will try to keep it up sort, categorize and design, but I admit that it will never become perfect. It is organic and evolves with my art work. I am also busy planning some more exciting art adventures for 2015 and I hope to tellRead more

Singapore moments in Tiong Bahru

Memories from last weekends exhibition, Singapore Moments in Tiong Bahru with Sukeshi Sondhi. A great 4 days with so many great meetings. Thank you to new and old friends that made this exhibition so special. Also a big thank you to Marita how bought the monk painting online from Facebook, now it is hanging in my living room waiting for a special delivery to Sweden.Read more

Exhibition ArtOne21 in Tiong Bahru, Singapore Moments

I am thrilled to announce that on the 12th of February I will  have an opening reception together with the contemporary artist Sukeshi Sondhi at Art One 21 in Tiong Bahru. The exhibition will feature artworks about Singapore Moments. We will roll out the red carpet from 6 pm to 9 pm on Thursday the 12th so a warm welcome. Kindly note that if you are driving to the venue, please put in Seng Poh Lane No 62, it will makeRead more

Look in to the camera

    The producer Weiling sent me an email last summer about taking part in a series featuring how it was to be a Swedish artist in Singapore and that it would be a part of a TV show featuring a Singaporean designer in Sweden. I liked the concept, but I really had no idea of what I agreed to. From convincing my family to have breakfast at 7 am on a Sunday morning, to try to be natural inRead more