A portrait has been revelead

To make a portrait is a wonderful challenge. This is my latest commission piece. Made from a photo of the beautiful girls in a warm sunset light. If you are interested to know more about the process kindly send me an email Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com              Read more

Geylang new edition

  “Walking in Singapore never gets old to me as it changes so rapidly. In one day you can feel as if you have traveled through Europe, India, China and the Middle East. An area that many locals claim has the best food is Geylang, and now it finally is part of Tales of Singapore.” Geylang is a new edition to the limited edition print series tales of Singapore.It’s one of the neighborhoods in Singapore that has great food inRead more

Tiny monk in a global context

This is the smallest painting that I have ever done. It’s now a part of maybe the worlds most exciting art project Imago Mundi by Luciano Benetton. Imago Mundi The book that about art in Singapore is just finished. This is truly inspiring on the Imago Mundi you currently find over 15800 artworks. It’s mind blowing to create such an art collection. If you have time do watch the video about the project Interview with Luciano Benetton    Read more

New edition to The Tales of Singapore

Haw Par Vila was built as an amusement park, and it is like nothing else that I have ever visited. You can pass through all the gates of hell, and at the end you will find the Tigercar. You can buy him as an original or as a fine art limited print. 60 x 60 cm on canvas in a limited edition of 28 pcs, signed and numbered by the artist, Ingela Johansson The original currently enjoys life in myRead more

78 paintings at open studio in Leisure Farm

Tomorrow at Leisure Farm, Malaysia I have an open studio featuring 78 paintings. This has been a long and very creative day of hanging.  Still some things to fix but tomorrow at 2 pm the doors will be open for viewing until 6 pm. Come by to view, chat and experience art. Prices from 50 MYR to 6900 MYR All artworks are by Swedish artist Ingela Johansson. A mid career artist with collectors in USA, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Norway,Read more

Open studio day with art and carpets/design your own rug

Welcome on the 14th of May between 2 to 6 pm for an open studio with #art and #rugs. If you have ever wanted to #design a rug that suits your space, is soft for your feet and in the colors  you love you now have the opportunity. View the quality of our #handknotted #carpets and our patterns on the open house. Naturally you can also #commission #paintings if you are looking for something personal. If you would like toRead more

Flamenco on my wall

One of my favorite songs is with Vaya Con Dios, I played the album on repeat while painting this piece titled Flamenco for an exhibition in Singapore. The story if the painting is the feeling of anticipation for an evening meeting. This painting will be on display at the Open Studio in Leisure Farm.    Read more

Bring harmony or energy to your home

These 2 monks are hanging in a Swedish art collectors home in Singapore. In my studio I still have energy monk and harmony monk. The paintings are 80 x 80 cm, in mixed media. Made 2014, by Swedish artist Ingela Johansson. More info. about the monks from Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com                                      Read more