Exhibition at Swedish Southeast Asia business summit, Singapore

From the 21-22nd of September, Photo and Art exhibition titled “Swedish horsepower”. The exhibition was held at Park Royal Hotel, Pickering in Singapore in conjunction with the Swedish Southeast Asia Business Summit. The red line in the exhibition is Singapore seen from the viewpoint from a Swedish visitor. In this series portrayed by the “Dalahorse”, a Singaporean comparison to the “Dalahorse” would be the Merlion. Each art piece is double sided with the photo on one side, and the artRead more

From idea to finished art piece

The Quinsai art collection started with an email from Tatler Home Singapore, and it took me on a creative journey to Germany and in the footsteps of Marco Polo. The German company Villeroy & Boch just celebrated the launch of their Quinsai collection, and these art pieces are inspired by their beautiful pieces. The picture is from the launch in their store in Capitol Plaza. more pictures from the launch However from the sketch to the finished piece the creativeRead more

When you turn a streetcorner it’s a different part of the world

The difference when you turn a street corner…   Geylang Tales This is #Geylang tales, part of Tales of Singapore When I first arrived in this part of the country, it was just completely different from any other neighborhood. That is part of my fascination for Singapore, the difference when you turn a street corner.   This piece is now available as a limited edition print. Who ever buys it will get the first piece. 1/28 cost 380 SGD onRead more

Exhibition in Singapore until the 20th of September

The #Quinsai art collection will be on display at Departures and Arrivals until the 20th of September. I painted the last part of the pieces life at the anniversary of #Villeroy&Boch Singapore at an event hosted by Tatler Home Singapore The paintings will be in the beautiful store until the 20th of September, every single product in the store is handmade and with a story. Hope you will enjoy the Quinsai paintings. Each painting has 20-25 layers and is paintedRead more

Event with Villeroy & Boch and Tatler Home Singapore

Imagine painting live for 90 people, and most days we spend painting alone in our studio. That is probably one of the things that I love the most about my job, that days can be so different and that creativity has no ceiling. I got to work with one of the leading companies in the world in bone China porcelain Villeroy & Boch, so that I could paint with inspiration from their Quinsai garden collection. Hard to describe my gratitudeRead more

Following the Silk Road with marble and sand

I am always been fascinated by the silk road, and now I have worked on a collection in mixed media inspired by Marco Polo’s journey to his favorite city Quinsai. To me the any journey on the silk road has years and years of different history,  that is why I used a collage technique with many layers in the works. You can find “hidden treasures” in the background of the pieces after a while, that’s what I love with collageRead more

Quinsai event in Singapore

This is a work in progress for the upcoming August Quinsai event with Tatler Home Singapore. Inspired by a new collection from Villeroy & Bosch. The story is based on Quinsai which was Marco Polo’s favorite city in China. The collection will consist of 9 pieces. Materials used marble, sand, handmade papers, joss paper, acrylic, ink, resin and charcoal. I have developed a strong passion for texture, and the paintings will be tactile  Read more

A portrait has been revelead

To make a portrait is a wonderful challenge. This is my latest commission piece. Made from a photo of the beautiful girls in a warm sunset light. If you are interested to know more about the process kindly send me an email Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com              Read more

Geylang new edition

  “Walking in Singapore never gets old to me as it changes so rapidly. In one day you can feel as if you have traveled through Europe, India, China and the Middle East. An area that many locals claim has the best food is Geylang, and now it finally is part of Tales of Singapore.” Geylang is a new edition to the limited edition print series tales of Singapore.It’s one of the neighborhoods in Singapore that has great food inRead more